Me + This Life

Hi there friends. I’m Kelly and I have a big story to tell, don’t we all? I think the most important thing though, is that I’m alive. I haven’t fully figured out what my purpose is on this planet, but I know at least one thing. I’m supposed to live the best life I can and be as present as possible while doing that. I have learned a few things about myself over the 40+ years I’ve spent in this life. I know that I’m a connector, a mother, a leader, a mentor, and a teacher and that I’m pretty passionate about those things. For me, this blog is a chance to share the things I learn along the way. I’m a business owner, a mother of 2 and I’ve been married for the same amount of years as the last 2 digits of the current year. The wheels are always turning in my brain and my plate is pretty full, and yet, there is so much more I’ve got to accomplish in this life. This blog is one of those things, I see this as a big part of the next phase of my life, the next thing, and I can’t wait to see where it takes me.

This silly bunch pictured below is my true crew. We have a LOT of fun together. Like everybody, it’s not ALL good, we have our own version of the same struggles as everybody else. And, I like to be real about that. I hope I can teach through this blog, and I know that I’ll learn. So, here’s to being in charge of your life, there’s no better person than ‘you’ to be in the presence of each moment that’s yours.