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I’m a Yaysayer, not a Naysayer

I’m a Yaysayer, not a Naysayer

I said this to my brother the other day, it just popped into my head, while we were talking about me buying this computer I’m currently typing on through our business together, instead of me buying it personally. Here’s the thing, do you just say the things that pop into your head? I’m going to come back to that thought in a minute. There’s something you need to know about me. I own a healthy business with my brother. We are partners in a social media company for new home builders and developers. There’s a long backstory on how we got here, but it’s important to know 2 things: One, that we were the first people to start a company in this particular niche industry during an economic downturn (best move I ever made); and two, my partner in this whole ‘working’ thing, is my brother Ryan, so I might talk about him a lot.

Back to the whole Nay and Yay thing. First of all, I’m one of those people that actually does blurt out a lot of the things I think. And, it’s because I have some pretty crafty thoughts. Here we are, talking about computers, and buying some new cool techie stuff ‘on the company,’ otherwise known as out of our own pocket, and I’m working on convincing Ryan about how he got his own computer stuff for home ‘on the company’ (which he kindly informed me he did not actually do after I published this article) and now I need a renewal, but I’m a Mac snob so mine’s gonna cost more, so on and so forth. The last, and first, laptop I bought was in 2011, the first day we started our company. Hello, I’m due!! Anyway, out of this conversation Ryan mentions how he might get some new stuff too, and I’m like ‘Hey, I’m a Yaysayer, not a Naysayer!‘ And people, that’s why you just gotta blurt shit out sometimes. I chuckled at myself for a second, but later when I was relaying the conversation to my husband, it hit me. That’s some brilliant shit! My point was, go ahead and get what you want, I’m not gonna tell you ‘no.’ We work hard and should get the things we want. BUT, also as I was relaying the story to hubs, it occurred to me ‘that’s me!’ With the 80/20 rule applied, of course. But overall, I blurted out, without thinking…exactly how I am.

I’m a Yaysayer, not a Naysayer, and I like that about me.

That’s Ryan and I, at company Halloween lunch 2016, dressed as Snapchat filters.
And, that’s the company, well most of us, costumed up and ready to take on the lunch crowd.
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